Atlanta Water Filtration System Installation

Water Filtration System

A home water filtration system installation is about ensuring that every drop that comes from your faucets is pure enough to drink. These filters remove particles and impurities like dirt, rocks and chlorine, and there’s also a UV lamp that kills bacteria.

Benefits of A Water Filtration System Installation

The chlorine and sediment in tap water find their way into the water you drink, shower with and wash your clothes in. Installing a water filtration system will:

  • Give you pure, better tasting water,
  • Give you healthier, cleaner skin, and
  • Protect your clothes.

See the Difference: Clean vs. Dirty Water Filter

plumbing technician servicing a water filtration system
Replacing a Water Filter
new versus spent water filter shows contaminants eliminated from water
Water Filters Eliminate Contaminants from Your Water

Frequently Asked Questions: Water Filters & Water Purification

Contaminants commonly found in tap water include sediment like dirt and organic material, metals like copper and lead, chemicals like chlorine and nitrogen, microorganisms such as bacteria or viruses, and more. To find specific details about the water delivered to your home, check out these Atlanta area water quality reports:

​There are a wide range of benefits that can be identified from installing a water filtration system in your home, delivering improvements to your lifestyle, your health, and the environment. Benefits include:

  • Pure water that is free of odors and tastes great for drinking and cooking.
  • Showers and baths that are healthier for your hair and skin.
  • Clothes that will last longer and look better.
  • Helping the environment by eliminating plastic water bottle use.

The decision to install a water filtration system is largely one of personal preference and lifestyle. There is no question that water filters improve the quality of your water. We drink, bathe in, cook with, and wash our laundry in the water that is delivered to our homes. If you are sensitive to the idea of consuming, or having your body coming into contact with, the contaminants that exist in municipal water, then a water filter system will help ease those concerns.

​As plumbers we get to see first-hand the quality of the pipes that flow through the city, carrying the water that is delivered to your home, and it’s not pretty. Your local department of watershed management treats the water so it meets regulatory requirements and is deemed suitable for human consumption. This introduces a variety of chemicals into the water we consume. If you trust the water company for the quality of water in your home, then you do not need a water filter. If you want bottled-water quality water supplied to your family’s home, then a whole house water filtration system will achieve that goal.

Gregory Thompson

“I decided to price and consider a whole house filtration system. Fix & Flow made the investigation very easy. They guided me through picking a appropriate model based on my water usage. Installation was involved, but done beautifully. The whole house filtration system is the single best investment I have made to my plumbing system. No chlorine taste, or smell in the shower, and I get to throw away all the Brita filters.”

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