Atlanta Gas Leak Repair & Detection

Gas MeterGas leaks are pretty scary. You can’t see them and they can persist for months before you even notice the strange sulfurous smell. Most people think of calling their gas company first, but they will refer you to a plumber—and there are only certain plumbers qualified to do this type of work.

Common Gas Line Problems

  • Rust or corrosion on pipes
  • Failed sealants or joints

Our Atlanta gas leak repair team has the equipment and the experience to assess the problem, find the leaks and make sure your furnace, water heater, and stove are functioning at normal capacity.

Frequently Asked Gas Service & Leak Questions

Natural gas is colorless and odorless. Gas companies add a chemical to your gas that gives it a sulfuric “rotten egg” smell to help alert you to a leak.

If you suspect that you have a gas leak you should call your local gas company or 911. In Atlanta, you will call Atlanta Gas Light: (877) 427-4321

In emergency situations, calling 911 or your gas company will be the fastest way to address concerns of a dangerous gas leak.  Your gas company or the fire department will respond and turn off your gas at the meter. After they turn off your service at the meter however, you will be advised to call a certified plumber.

​In non-emergencies, calling your gas company with your concern may result in them dispatching a tech to your home, or they may advise you over the phone to contact a plumber. If they do come to your home, the technician will make some assessment of your concern. If they determine there exists a considerable liability, they will turn off your service at the meter and advise you to call a plumber.

​Plumbers are trained and certified to assemble all types of piping. As part of their certification, licensed plumbers are required to understand the general regulations related to the international fuel gas code and are tested on this knowledge. Due to this expertise they are generally the most qualified professionals to handle gas leak repairs.

As gas pipes age, the sealants in the joints and valves can deteriorate and eventually start leaking. Techniques and standards for gas pipe installation have changed over the years. Many types of existing gas piping are no longer meeting these new standards. New gas piping is safer and more reliable than gas piping that was historically used in homes.

Yes, you can have new gas service installed in your home. Whether your home had gas service in the past, or has never been connected to a gas line, this service can be established with the help of a certified plumber.

There are several steps involved:

  • First, call Atlanta Gas Light and request new service, or apply online. Within a few days you will receive confirmation of your request.
  • Then, call your plumber, who will pull a permit and install your gas piping, or inspect and bring up to code any existing gas lines.
  • Upon completion of the plumber’s installation, the city will need to conduct an inspection.
  • Once you pass the inspection, you must choose your local gas marketer who you will be purchasing your gas from and establish an account with them. They will schedule an appointment with you for your gas meter to be installed.
  • Typically, after the meter is installed, your plumber will return to connect your new appliances.

You can expect the entire process to take about four weeks.