Shower & Bathtub Repair

More than just a daily ritual, people love to bathe. It gives us comfort and gets us moving in the morning—but faulty parts can get in the way. From rain to spray, mist to massage, the way your water flows can make or break your bathing pleasure. Luckily, we can be there in no time with a quick and easy fix. Contact us today to discover more about our shower and bathtub repair service.

Common Shower & Tub Problems

  • Leaking valves
  • Dripping shower/tub heads
  • Slow drains & standing water

Repair & Replacement Bathtub Parts

Beyond replacing bathtubs or water lines, there are some interesting features you can consider, such as fancy temperature gauges that can be automatically set at your desired level to ensure consistent, heated water. You also have a variety of shower heads to choose from: hand-held sprays, different spray patterns, even blue tooth shower speakers that connect to your phone. We’re here to help you navigate the options that will turn your bathing experience up a notch.

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