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A Little Background

Fix & Flow is a family-operated business located in East Atlanta. We’ve been learning the ins and outs of the plumbing trade since 2001 and our seasoned technicians were taught the “old-school” way—shadowing master plumbers in apprenticeships, and learning how to use our hands as tools and not cut corners.

With a heart for maintaining the character and integrity of our friends and neighbors’ homes, we focus on service and repair rather than new construction. That takes meticulous attention to detail in order to diagnose issues and get at the root of the problem. And, we go way beyond just handing over a bill at the end—we like to walk our customers through every step in repairing what’s broken and finding the best fit in replacement parts.

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Our Promise

We’re hardworking people. We show up when expected, do the job with both professionalism and pride, and stick to our word. We have great respect for the homes we service, and are here to guide you through the process—no matter if we’re changing a valve or replacing an entire system. When we suggest a new fixture or appliance, we do it with a stamp of approval and can guarantee that what we put into your home will last. Just think of us as your partner in keeping things running smooth, for the long-haul.

Our Team

Stephen Thompson
Stephen Thompson - Master Plumber
Sol-Hui Kim
Sol-Hui Kim - Business Manager
Anthony Thompson
Anthony Thompson - Master Plumber
Chad Stevens
Chad Stevens - Plumbing Technician
Michael Lamb
Michael Lamb - Plumbing Technician
Bryan Hibbard - Plumbing Technician
Jessica Dunne - Customer Service