Sewer Line Repair & Inspection

The underbelly of your house includes a system of drain and sewer lines that pump all the used water from your pipes to the city’s sewage pipes. Many homes have lines that were installed before the dawn of modern time, and there are many issues that can occur from these fragile antiques—from dips that form over time to roots growing into them. Contact us today to discover more about our sewer line repair & inspections.

Common Sewer & Drain Problems

  • Improper installation
  • Root intrusion
  • Leaking from cracks in sewer lines

Replace or Repair Your Sewer Line

We’re able to clean them out if they get clogged, replace if they need replacing and fix if it can be fixed. This is typically a big job that requires going under your house to assess the problem or digging up your lawn to get at the lines. Not every plumber is equipped to do this type of heavy lifting, but we have all the necessary skill and machinery to get it done in half a day.

sewer repair