Atlanta Sewer Line Repair & Inspection

The underbelly of your house includes a system of drain and sewer lines that pump all the used water from your pipes to the city’s sewage pipes. Many Atlanta homes have sewer and drain lines that were installed decades ago, and there are many issues that can occur from these fragile antiques—from dips that form over time to roots growing into them. Contact us today to learn more about our sewer line inspection and repair services.Sewer & Drain Pipes

Common Sewer & Drain Problems

  • Grease clogs or other blockages
  • Tree root intrusion
  • Damaged sewer lines
  • Improper installation

Replace or Repair Your Sewer Line

We’re able to clean them out if they get clogged, replace if they need replacing and fix if it can be fixed. This is typically a big job that requires going under your house to assess the problem or digging up your lawn to get at the lines. Not every plumber is equipped to do this type of heavy lifting, but we have all the necessary skill and machinery to get it done in half a day.

Beth Lord


“Five Stars for Fix & Flow! We had a whole house drainage issue. They were quick to respond and got everything flowing again. Customer service is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced with a plumbing service.”

Lydia Moss


“My mainline water pipe burst and I noticed pools and puddles of water on my front lawn. The team quickly solved the problem and repaired the leak for a reasonable price. I would highly recommend their services for their promptness and professionalism. A true blessing.”

Pedrag G.


“This was an emergency, and Anthony arrived within 1 hour. He examined the problem, found the issue, stopped the leak and fixed the pipe very quickly. Thank you!”

Tree Roots In Sewer Line

Root Intrusion in Sewer Pipe

One common residential sewer issue that we encounter are tree roots growing into the sewer line. This is especially common given Atlanta’s dense foliage, and often occurs in the Spring growing season. We always start with a camera sewer inspection to confirm the nature of the problem and to pinpoint where it’s located. If we determine it is indeed root growth, we’ll deploy hydro jetting to clear the roots, and in some cases recommend replacing a section of any failed sewer line to restore adequate water flow to your drain.

Sewer Line Blockages

Cotton Swabs

Aside from tree roots growing into the sewer line, there are other items that may impede proper waste water transfer. For instance, grease buildup can occur and restrict waste water flow – and while this is more common in commercial properties, it can happen in residential ones too if you’re regularly washing grease down the sink instead of properly discarding it. Blockages may also occur if items other than toilet paper or waste have been flushed down the toilet. Flushed baby wipes, personal care products, child’s toys and paper towel can build up in the sewer and cause blockages over time.

Sewer Line Damage

Damaged Sewer Pipe

Many homes in Atlanta’s historic neighborhoods still have old cast iron drain pipes, and clay sewer lines. These antiques have long surpassed their service life and their failure is almost inevitable. Whether it’s from old age, improper installation or something else, sewer lines can sustain damage that require repair or replacement. Failure to correct any issues can cause your yard to flood, develop sinkholes, or lead to sewage backups in the property. Our plumbers are trained and equipped for any type of sewer line work. Sewer line replacement is usually a heavy duty job that requires excavation to access the drain lines. We will make every effort to minimize our impact on your lawn, and offer grass reseed and straw at the dig site when we are done. For an additional charge we can even provide safe removal and replacement of plants and sod that customers want preserved.

We Have Your Sewer & Drain Solution

Here’s how we successfully resolve your sewer and drain issues:

  • Inspect – We conduct manual and video inspections of drain lines to identify problems.
  • Clear & Clean – We clear blockages and clean drain lines when we find clogs or other stoppages.
  • Repair – We repair isolated sewer and drain problems at the trouble spot.
  • Replace – We recommend pipes that have extensive damage, or have surpassed their service life be replaced.
  • Install – Whether you need to fix prior work, or need new service lines, we will install sewers and drains for you correctly.

Contact Fix & Flow Today

For more information on Atlanta sewer inspection and sewer line repair, contact us today. We’ll quickly identify the problem with your sewer line and provide the best solution to restore proper drain service.

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