Our COVID Safety Measures

Plumbers have been identified by Federal, State, and Local authorities as providing a service that is necessary to maintain the safety, sanitation, and essential operation of residences, and other needed facilities. We’re committed to providing these essential services to our community.

To help minimize the spread of COVID we are committed to following these best practices:


Temperature Check:
We check our temperature each morning before being dispatched to our first service call.

social distancing

Social Distancing:
We keep a distance of at least 6 feet, no handshakes or fist bumps, etc.

hand washing

Hand Washing:
We wash our hands often, and keep hand sanitizer in all of our vehicles.


We wear a new protective face mask while working in your home or business.

Shoe Covers:
We wear new shoe covers when entering your home or business.

Touchless Payment:
Avoid contact by paying securely online while we are still on site.

Upon your request, we can follow these enhanced safety measures:

elderly couple

Medically Fragile:
Notify our office at 404-800-3569 as soon as possible of any high-risk occupants in your home.

social distancing

Social Distancing:
Practice social distancing with our technicians, no handshakes or fist bumps, etc.

You can help us by following these guidelines for your appointment:


Temperature Check:
Take your temperature the day of your appointment.


Clear Workspace:
Move personal items away from the workspace so technicians can thoroughly disinfect.


Air Circulation:
Open a window or door, weather permitting, to keep fresh air flowing in the workspace.


N95 Masks:
We can wear an N95 mask as an enhanced protective measure.


We have disinfectant spray and wipes to clean our plumbing tools, equipment, and workspace before and after your job.

Additional Disinfection:
Ask us about disinfection services available through our third-party vendor.

Thank you for helping us provide safe, reliable service to our shared community.